Campaign Setting

The Feyddan Campaign Setting

The Thunderdust Campaign is set in the land of Feyddan. Feyddan is a northerly continent on an earth-like world, bordered to the north and south by large seas, and divided by multiple mountain ranges. The actual boundaries of the continent have never been successfully mapped, due largely to the hazards that would be faced by any adventurous cartographer.

The action of the Thunderdust Campaign takes place in the central part of the continent, which is dominated by the human kingdom of Erogas. Erogas is bordered to the west by the mountains of Durgan’s Shield, which house the remains of Theldrammar, the dwarven alliance. To the northeast of Erogas lies Ashenvale, the great elven refuge. The soaring peaks of the Felldrake Mountains form Erogas’s eastern border, and separates it from the Steel Kingdoms. The Greywater Sea and the Great Ocean lie to the north and south of Erogas, respectively. Erogas itself is divided into ten separate duchies. Most of the land is wilderness, with a few large city-states providing refuge and resources to more scattered, isolated communities.

The peoples of Feyddan demonstrate a social and technological sophistication roughly equivalent to Europe in the 15th-16th century AD. Most states are organized around feudalism, with monarchs holding supreme power. Some hints of republics and democracies are emerging. Wars are fought primarily with medieval weapons (swords, bows, armor, etc.), though the dwarven nations have developed significant gunpowder (Thunderdust), steam, and clockwork technology. Both divine and arcane magic exist in Feyddan, but their use is not widespread, and they are regarded with awe and fear, respectively.

The Feyddan Campaign Setting borrows liberally from the settings of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and World of Warcraft.

Campaign Setting

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