In Feyddan, Chaos is not merely a concept. It is a force in and of itself, like nature, civilization, good, or evil.

The Realm of Chaos is a separate plane, thinly removed from the Material Plane, where Feyddan exists. The Realm of Chaos is a place of imagination run amok. There, all is fluid, ever-changing, at once substantial and insubstantial. Monsters and demons cavort and dance, and nightmares take physical form to torment the souls of the damned.

In places, the barrier separating the Realm of Chaos from Feyddan has torn or ruptured, and the essence of Chaos leaks through into the world. This raw Chaos spins and swirls through Feyddan, often twisting that which it encounters. These invisible currents of energy are known as the Winds of Chaos. Feyddan’s mages have learned to harness these currents to create magical effects (see Magic in Feyddan).

The largest of the tears in reality is the Mallefeus, the Chaos Gate. In Feyddan’s pre-history, the demon princes from the Realm of Chaos (also known as the Chaos Gods) used the Mallefeus to invade Feyddan and corrupt the world. When the Builders drove the Chaos Gods from Feyddan, they closed the Mallefeus with a powerful seal called the Seguro. Subsequent events weakened the power of the Seguro (see Feyddan Mythos). Most believe that the Seguro will one day fail, and that Chaos will once again spill unimpeded into Feyddan. Thus will the world end.

To most of Feyddan’s inhabitants, the term “Chaos” is synonymous with evil and corruption. It is the insidious power that undermines the soul’s nobility, and turns good deeds into sinister acts.

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