Dramatis Personae

The Player Characters

Content Not Found: Byl – A wily scoundrel with a knack for finding trouble

Content Not Found: Seamus – An albino librarian with a passionate interest in the arcane

Content Not Found: Smidgen – A spirited gnome devoted to sharing the love of Soliel

Content Not Found: Thoroar – A stern, silent monk battling for the glory of Ulric

The Villians

Judge Panven Cartwright – Fanatic priest of Phaelan that masterminded The Righteous March. Killed by the PCs near the town of Dell’s Landing.

The Iron Butcher – Hobgoblin leader of a ruthless mercenary band called the Reavers. Conspired with Judge Cartwright to fuel The Righteous March. Betrayed and killed by Judge Cartwright near the town of Dell’s Landing.

Other Noteworthies

Foldor – The PC’s one-time companion. Presumed to be dead, but rumored to harassing the forces of The Righteous March.

Droog Von Schelling (The Grey Sage) – The PCs’ mentor and sponsor. Scholar specializing in the Seguro and Kor Magros (Phaelan’s Hammer).

Dramatis Personae

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