Durgan's Shield

Durgan’s Shield Mountains

The Durgan’s Shield mountain range marks the western border of the kingdom of Erogas. These foreboding, snow-capped peaks separate the human nation from the Broken Lands, a barren wasteland populated largely by goblin tribes and other monsters.

The Durgan’s Shield Mountains also house the last great dwarven kingdom, Theldrammar. Various dwarven strongholds secure the mountain passes, while others are located in remote regions near rich veins of gems and minerals. According to rumors, the dwarves built underground thoroughfares, which they used to travel quickly from one fortress to the next, without risking exposure to hostile enemies or severe weather. As the strength of the dwarves has dwindled over the centuries, many of their ancient cities have been abandoned, overrun, or purposefully destroyed.

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Durgan's Shield

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