Greywater Sea

The Greywater Sea

The Greywater Sea borders the kingdom of Erogas to the north. This large body of water is wracked by fierce storms, and supposedly infested with fearsome monsters. No Erogosian has crossed these waters. It is believed that when the Builders left Feyddan, they sailed across the Greywater Sea and into a divine realm. It is sometimes said that someone who has died has “sailed across the Greywater” or “sailed north.”

The people of Dragoveld and Northreach fish the sea’s waters, and ply trade along coastal routes. Elven ships from Ashenvale also patrol the Greywater, protecting the elf haven from naval attacks. Goblin and hobgoblin pirates also prowl the Greywater, focusing their raiding on the western ports of Dragoveld.

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Greywater Sea

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