Phaelan – The Hammer of Law

Phaelan is a relatively young god, being the first mortal ever to achieve divinity. He was once a great human warlord, known for both his wisdom and his prowess in battle. He united the diverse tribes of men into the kingdom of Erogas and allied with the dwarves to drive back the armies of Chaos in the great conflict known as the Chaos Wars. He personally fought the Champion of Chaos and defeated it, allowing others time to close the Seguro (while this didn’t completely shut off Feyddan from Chaos – the Winds of Chaos still blow – it at least prevented hordes of demons from pouring into the world). Phaelan eventually perished from his wounds, but was raised and deified by the other gods in recognition for his great service to Feyddan. Phaelan’s church is the official church of Erogas. Various cults have spun off from the church, including the Witch Hunters, who believe all arcane magic is heretical and who hunt and kill wizards and sorcerers.

Symbol: A Golden Hammer

Domains: Law, Protection, Good

References in common language:
  • “By Phaelan’s Hammer!”/ “By the Golden Hammer!” – general exclamation
  • “Hit by the Hammer” – to run afoul of the law/ be convicted of a crime
  • “You wield the hammer well” – you did a good thing
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