Races of Feyydan

The following descriptions endeavor to explain the relationships and backgrounds of the various races of Feyddan. Unless specifically noted, races follow the rules outlined in the various Player’s Handbooks.


Erogas is primarily a human kingdom, with certain regions boasting notable communities of demi-humans. Before Erogas became a united kingdom, each duchy maintained unique culture and customs. Though it has been nearly 3 centuries since the kingdom’s formation, many of these cultural differences persist.

  • This means that if you want to play a human PC, you can play pretty much any style/flavor of character you want. Let me know what your vision of the character is, and we’ll work together to give him or her an appropriate background.


Small communities of Halflings exist throughout Erogas. No one knows exactly where they came from, and the Halflings themselves don’t seem too concerned with spreading tales of their history. Halflings are noted for their culinary adeptness (both in preparation and consumption), their fondness for lakes and streams, and their insatiable curiosity. Though it is rare, some Halflings have achieved lands and titles (though none are known to have attained a title greater than Baron).

  • Halfings in Feyddan match the description given in the Player’s Handbook. Halflings are not averse to wearing shoes and don’t have particularly hairy feet.


The Dar’Peolanni, the Beloved Children of Peol, hail from the great forest of Ashenvale on the northeastern border of Erogas. They are a reserved and mysterious people, rarely venturing from the shadows of the great trees. Occasionally, a band of elves will leave Ashenvale and establish a new home in one of the lands of Erogas, usually near an area of natural beauty. No one is sure if this practice is an imposed exile or a voluntary relocation. Those that have interacted with the elves find them kind and compassionate, though not always “present” (it often seems as if their minds are wandering to prettier places).

  • Elves are relatively rare in Erogas, though not so much that the sight of one would stop traffic. The Dar’Peolanni are taller and thinner than most humans, with skin ranging from pale to faint blue. Their hair can be any color, though it is most often black, platinum blond, or white. Their eyes change color depending on their moods – they are bright green when laughing, steel blue when contemplative, violet when alarmed, and pure black when enraged. Anyone able to see an elf’s eyes when interacting with her gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Insight checks.


Also known as the Stout Folk, the Grudge Bearers, or the Ironclads, the dwarves of Feyddan are a dour but well-respected race. They once ruled much of the lands of Erogas, long before the rise of men, and populated the entire breadth of the great mountain range known as Durgan’s Shield. These mountains form the western border of Erogas and separate the human kingdom from the goblin-infested Broken Lands. It was a series of great wars with the goblins that caused the dwarven power to diminish, though their kingdom of Theldrammar is still a great military power. The root of their military might is their technological savvy, in particular, their knowledge of the secret of Thunderdust. Until very recently, they were the only race that possessed the means for manufacturing firearms, artillery, and explosives. The tale of one dwarf’s sale of the secret of Thunderdust to a group of human Engineers occupies an entire chapter of the Great Book of Grudges.

  • Dwarves in Feyddan match the description given in the Player’s Handbook. In addition, they gain Weapon Proficiency (Firearms).


Gnomes are almost unheard of in the lands of Erogas. In fact, depending on where you’re from, you might not believe they really exist. There are only two known communities of gnomes: Delgen’s Leap on the western edge of Ashenvale, near the Shadowed Coast, and Figbowl, in the Durgan’s Shield mountains near Karak Ar-Thel. Gnomes seem to be an odd blend of many races – they share the dwarves’ love of technology, the elves’ love of natural beauty, and the Halflings’ curiosity. They are a merry folk, constantly singing and laughing, and possess both wisdom and wit in great abundance.

  • Due to their rarity, gnomes are often mistaken for either dwarves or Halflings, though in truth they only marginally resemble either. In addition to the description given in the Player’s Handbook 2, gnomes seem particularly resistant to the effects of chaos (see Magic in Feyddan). Gnomes gain a +2 innate bonus to both Will and Fortitude defenses when resisting effects with the Chaos keyword.

Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Goblish

Goblins (and their larger cousins, hobgoblins) are the evil, horde-forming humanoids of Feyddan. They populate the Broken Lands, west of Eragos, on the other side of the Durgan’s Shield mountains. They seem to be innately cruel and cunning, and are known for their greed, vicious traps, and inability to “fight fair.” Their larger relations, hobgoblins, seem more organized and more militaristic. (No one is sure if hobgoblins are actually a separate race, or if they’re just bigger, more organized goblins.) Armed conflict between goblins and the peoples of Erogas and Theldrammar has been a constant over the centuries, especially along the kingdoms’ western borders. Sometimes, raids by goblins or hobgoblins on human settlements lead to half-goblin offspring. These misfits (known as “goblish”) rarely find acceptance in civilized settings, and often find their places on the fringes of society, either in out-of-the-way villages, or performing menial, less visible tasks. Occasionally, a goblish will succeed in a role where their unusual appearance and harsh stereotypes work to their advantage (i.e. sheriff, thieves guild, etc.).

  • There are no orcs in Feyddan (at least, no one in Eragos or the Allied Kingdoms has ever heard of a creature called an “orc”).
  • Goblins appear identical to their entry in the Monster Manual, with the exception that their skin color ranges from pale green to dirty yellow to almost white. Hobgoblin skin color ranges from yellow to darker green to grey.
  • Goblish Racial Traits.

Races of Feyydan

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