The Seguro – The Great Seal

The Seguro is the name for the powerful seal placed on the Mallefeus, the largest tear between the reality of Feyddanand the realm of Chaos. Before the Seguro was created, the foul demons and corrupting energies of Chaos poured freely into the world, and twisted it into a living nightmare.

The Seguro was forged by one of The Builders, the Stone King, shortly after these great powers came to Feyddan. When the Chaos Gods were driven into the void, he placed the seal to prevent them from ever returning to the world. However, a tiny hair from the Chaos God called the Lord of Change was caught in the Seguro as it closed, preventing the seal from closing off the Chaos realm completely. Ultimately, the Seguro was opened and the Chaos powers returned.

The Seguro was reinforced at the end of the Chaos Wars, as part of the events that led to the ascension of the human warlord Phaelanto godhood. However, this seal remained incomplete. Many believe that the Seguro will continue to degrade and ultimately fail, signaling the end of the world.


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