Soliel – The Fire-Haired, The Love Goddess

The goddess of love, Soliel is a red-haired, impulsive beauty. She is passionate, if not always wise, and her worshippers celebrate the headiness of emotion she demonstrates. The Dance of Soliel is a day-long love-fest that takes place in the middle of the summer, when the sun is longest in the sky. Soliel and Elune have a sometimes unfriendly competition about which is the more beautiful goddess.

Symbol: A Red Sun

Domains: Fire, Sun, Good, Love

References in common language:
  • “By Soliel’s Face!” – exclamation of beauty/ love
  • To do something “like Soliel” – to act passionately and/or impulsively
  • “Soliel’s Dance” – day
  • “Soliel’s Face” – the sun
  • “Fire-haired”/ “On Fire”/ “Burning” – in love
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